Who Uses EnviroPouch® Steam Sterilization Pouches

EnviroPouch® dental sterilization pouches, the unique brand worldwide, defines the first and only reusable, steam sterilization pouches which replace disposables in all infection control applications in various industries. Dentists, doctors, veterinarians, tattoo studios, clean rooms, labs and blood banks are examples of professionals and environments using EnviroPouch®. Any industry requiring the use of steam sterilized instruments can benefit from the reusability of the EnviroPouch®. Consider your last visit to the dentist’s office. Did you notice that the instruments the doctor or hygienist used were wrapped in a disposable plastic or paper wrapper that was subsequently discarded? EnviroPouch® dental sterilization pouches are available instead as reusable individual instrument and “cassette-sized” patented fabric and barrier, film-lined pouches, enabling your dentist and dental hygienists to sterilize those instruments in the very same pouch over 200 times! Each EnviroPouch® reusable dental sterilization pouche replaces a case of 200 disposables to significantly reduce waste and save valuable professional time, money, and storage space!



EnviroPouch™ is used by dentist offices


EnviroPouch® is currently used extensively in US dental schools and dental hygiene schools where the volume of wrapping materials and the cost of waste removal is typically one of the highest costs on the campus. Through word-of-mouth of dental professionals, loyal EnviroPouch® customers from coast to coast in the USA, dental school directors and infection control specialists, have trusted EnviroPouch® for up to 20 years through their accreditation processes, enjoyed making a positive and significant difference in environmental impact improvements of reusability, and have each saved upwards of tens of thousands of dollars annually, attributed to their ability to save over 50% of purchasing and waste removal costs associated with disposables.



EnviroPouch™ is used by tatoo shops

Tattoo Studios

Given the recent popularity of shows like LA Ink, this industry is booming! For many years now, tattoo artists ensure best professional infection control practices and demonstrate their keen sensitivity to improving environmental impact by utilizing EnviroPouch® to sterilize their instruments. Word of EnviroPouch® has begun in social media and could easily enable this exploding industry to benefit from both the economic and social benefits of environmentally friendly sterilization packaging.




EnviroPouch™ is used in clean rooms

Clean Rooms

Ideally suited for clean room infection control utilization, EnviroPouch® customizes the large sizes required in clean room applications. Imagine having the capability to re-sterilize instruments without generating additional waste material directly in the cleanroom. Reduced waste also dramatically improves the efficiency of professional handling time and space usage.



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