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Customer Feedback: Like? We Love EnviroPouch!



"Dear Enviropouch, I want to say Thank you for developing such a wonderful product. I am the clinic specialist for our dental assisting and our dental hygiene programs. As the clinic specialist one of my responsibilities is to purchase supplies and items for the dental hygiene students’ kits. When I was first directed to purchase your pouches for the kits, I was very skeptical. We were using self-sealing paper/plastic pouches. There were many instances of students mislabeling pouches for identifying which student owned the instruments. I felt that using a pouch that did not allow us to view unopened pouches in order to know the actual owner (by colored bands) would lead to utter chaos! I have to admit that this was never a concern! I don’t think in all the years we have used your pouches we have ever had mislabeling. Perhaps not having the safety net of a see-through side makes them more accurate. Again – thank you for this wonderful product. "


-  Devin Smith - Dental Clinic Specialist:  Eastern Florida State College



"Thank you so much...
As always, your customer service is phenomenal and I appreciate everything you do."


-  Michelle Bryant - Follett Store Manager:  Pensacola State College Bookstore



After Trial Use, New Customer Comment:

"Thanks, Barbara. I will be working on this today. It is crazy busy…thanks for your understanding. We will be using your products….I am really excited to further reduce our waste generation in the clinic. Great idea and a throwback to when I had to sew my own instrument pouch from cotton fabric for sterilizing my instruments in school in 1976! Funny that it took so long to bring this environmentally friendly method back. Good thinking! Thanks again, Teri"


-  Northwest US dental hygiene school program)



You Made Our Day! response by EnviroPouch:

"I give full credit to the two founding dentists/inventors, Drs. C David & James Stoddard, for their vision and passion to deliver to their profession an infection control product that is 1) a staid product for handling, 2) cost effective and pays for itself, and 3) environmentally better by over 200:1 over disposables, among many other benefits to everyone. I received Teri's permission to pass her kind words along to our EnviroPouch team, including the dentists! Warm regards, Barbara (EnviroPouch enthusiast, because its benefits to professionals and our world are worth the daily fight.)



"Barbara is the innovator of a great product that should change the way dentists, dental schools, physicians and hospitals sterilize instruments. Her reusable, customizable bags come in all sizes and 3 colors, so far. I use them for small items, such as bur blocks, up to large bags that hold my entire implant kit. Barbara can also make custom sized bags and will make custom labels for practice or university logos. Barbara is one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure with whom to deal. She is very sharp and aims to make what her doctors want and need. Each EnviroPouch will save the cost of 6 months to a year of plastic and paper sterilization bags. This also means no trash! I love these bags and will never use anything else!" E. Drew Moore, DDS, MS


-  (Village Periodontics & Implant Dentistry)