Made In The USA

Made In USA


  • Friend to the Environment


EnviroPouch® product is proudly made in the USA, with fabric sourced and manufactured in Georgia, USA, in an effort to optimize operations by reducing associated cost of supplies, transportation and distribution, with consideration of the time and energy costs and impact upon the environment. Consistent with our corporate commitment to a better environment, our corporate location was selected largely because the local planned community of Peachtree City is the vision of its founders to promote progress and development that demonstrates a respect and preservation of the natural environs. For this reason, Peachtree City is uniquely cited among a few communities in the USA, especially near a metropolitan area, that was planned to be eco- and family-friendly, and at the same time commercially inviting with the goal of striking a balance for all of its citizens' welfare. The construct of EnviroPouch® is a patented design of fabric with film-lined barrier with properties that achieve and maintain sterility, as clinically tested and evaluated for US FDA 510(k) issuance and establishment registration.


Chiefly because EnviroPouch® is a reusable steam sterilization pouch, with a recommended useful life that exceeds 200 autoclave cycles in testing (more than the typical case of 200 disposables), EnviroPouch® is both scientifically and environmentally a superior alternative to disposable packaging and wraps made of paper, film, adhesives, and ink, requiring staggering amounts of these materials to be processed in expensive autoclave hardware and the water supply, to immediately be discarded daily, then removed, often in bio-hazard wastes, to special processing facilities and landfills all around the world.


  • Seeking International Friends


Poised for the international growth that EnviroPouch® is experiencing, it is located in an ideal setting, near all major state and international transportation systems of interstate highways, railroads and both a local airport and nearby international airport. The US Customs and Border Protection, prior US Customs Service, designated Peachtree City a "Foreign Trade Zone". Designated free of customs entry procedures, Peachtree City qualified as a Foreign Trade Zone in the US, due to its geographic site proximity in or near a U.S. Customs port of entry, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.


People all over the world really do care about our world environment and its future, and they are drawn to EnviroPouch®, its founders' vision, and its continued commitment to make every effort to provide an eco-friendly and environmentally superior option to the world's trend towards the convenience of disposable packaging and wraps in infection control applications, with its many significant trade-offs for infection control professionals, financial managers, and collective environmental stewardship.


  • Southern Hospitality and the State of Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD)


EnviroPouch® enthusiastically participates in state and international sponsored events to promote business and job growth for Georgians in the medical device manufacturing sector. One example is the participation at MEDICA, cited as the world's biggest medical trade fair for manufacturers of medical device technology, medical products and medical IT, held annually in Dusseldorf, Germany. International gatherings make it possible for EnviroPouch® to continue to grow export opportunities for corporate expansion, job growth, and re-investing at home the good old-fashioned American way. EnviroPouch® remains committed to this purpose also, and for this reason alone, foregoes overseas manufacturing in an effort to stay true to the traditional American dream.