About EnviroPouch®, Steam Sterilization Pouch Supplier

The EnviroPouch® Story

EnviroPouch®  is the first reusable steam sterilization pouch, a product brand of the medical device manufacturer, and an American entrepreneurial success story. Two dentists/brothers co-founded, invented and patented Enviropouch® - defining the first and only marketable, reusable steam sterilization pouch in the world!  Drs.David and James Stoddard were inspired to innovate infection control packaging by their shared desire of improved clinical efficacy for infection control professionals, sustainability of our earth, and improved cost effective and waste reduction practices. Unfound in the marketplace, dominated by growing disposables manufacturing industries, their entrepreneurial spirit and dreams forged Enviropouch®. At the same time, the first known case of clinical transmission of HIV was confirmed by the US CDC - in a dental setting. As politicians and journalists chronicled and responded to Kimberly Ann Bergalis' case as one of six patients infected with HIV by her dentist, who had AIDS, the work of the Enviropouch® co-founders was spurred in tandem with their professional dental careers.  Their hard work and family effort in the basement of their practice, with setbacks, triumphs, US trademarks and patents, clinical testing, US FDA submission, FDA 510(k) clearance and establishment registration, their first US dental university customer, and a customer base due to word of mouth, eventually grew to recognition by Clinicians Report® in its Best Products of 2010 - Buying Guide. Want to learn why Enviropouch® are worthy of trial test by 100% of infection control professionals?


EnviroPouch® Team

Team members at EnviroPouch® enjoy ultimate flexibility and self-determination in their job positions and careers.  These people are first and foremost committed to the manufacturing quality system that enables EnviroPouch® to continuously deliver excellent quality product to our loyal customer base and to prospective customers with trial product.  Being a US and state of GA-based medical device manufacturer, and the product classified as a medical device class II by the US FDA,  EnviroPouch®  adheres to the formal quality control system guidelines and reporting required by the US FDA through the establishment registration program, subject to audit for over 20 years, maintaining an outstanding track record.  Employment Opportunities



Exceeding your expectations for quality product and its clinical utilization, along with a collaborative team approach for customizing your infection control solution to your specifications and satisfaction is our daily mission that has become EnviroPouch® tradition.  Our customer is always right.



EnviroPouch® brand defines the first and only reusable steam sterilization pouch in infection control world history by its US patents, proven efficacy (20+ years of clinical and field testing, including its role in the US dental and dental hygiene school accreditation process), and formal field evaluation results (Clinicians Report®).  EnviroPouch® represents the hallmark of reusable innovation.


A humbling, exciting and landmark milestone in EnviroPak LLC history, the opportunity to earn the recognition afforded by this objective process, by a much revered organization, forever solidified the EnviroPouch® as the original and only trusted reusable pouch brand of choice in the US dental market for the international community to learn about.  Moreover, the neutral, anonymous nature of the evaluation process ensures our customers and prospective customers that it’s not what we say or want said about EnviroPouch®, but instead, it is for the professionals who utilize our product in infection control practices, clinics and school programs who experience and count on the EnviroPouch® product to evaluate it and express their professional observations. 


sertilization pouches recommended for dental hygiene schools


EnviroPouch® Commitment

The FDA-registered and accreditation-tested EnviroPouch® brand defines the first and only reusable steam sterilization pouch in infection control world history, by its proven efficacy track record and independent formal clinical and field evaluations. Reusable steam sterilization pouches are the superior product and infection control solution to disposable autoclave tubing and bags for the cost-conscious, environmentally friendly user. Unlike disposable pouches, EnviroPouch® reusable pouches can be used a minimum 200 times, which reduces purchasing costs, saves storage space, reduces excess waste and waste removal costs, minimizes inventory management and lowers sterilization processing costs.


Dentists, physicians, veterinarians, tattoo studios, clean rooms, research and development labs, blood banks and biotech trust and use EnviroPouch® reusable autoclave steam sterilization pouches.


Enviropouch®and Our Communities

Enviropouch® is committed to adding value to the communities where we live and work.


Local & State Community Involvement

Enviropouch® collaborates in youth education, mentoring, and community programs:

  • Fayette C.A.R.E. Clinic, Inc.
  • Georgia Tech Alumni Association - Mentor Jackets
  • The Great Georgia Air Show
  • Georgia Tech Medical Device Entrepreneur Association
  • Georgia Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) - Youth
  • Local hiring commitment - training, mentoring part-time high school, dual enrollment, and college students/interns
  • American Red Cross - Corporate supported Blood Drive participation
  • Enviropouch® manufacturing site-visits
  • GA State Dental Hygiene Association
  • Community Emergency Response Team
  • Collaborative Projects with University System of Georgia and the Technical College System of Georgia colleges and college students (Dental Hygiene, Business, Entrepreneurs, Digital Media)
  • GA Public School System Science Fairs
  • Volunteers in Peachtree City Adopt-A-Path/Adopt-A-Mile/Adopt-A-Park Program to keep public areas free of litter


National Responsibility

  • American Dental Hygiene Association Sponsorship
  • US FDA establishment registration
  • Collaborative Projects with Dental School(s) and Dental Hygiene Schools
  • CDC guidelines compliant


Global Responsibility

  • Experimental Aircraft Association - Young Eagles Program
  • Enviropouch® contribution to environmental impact improvement
  • Missions and Emergency Medical/Dental Support
  • ISO 13485 compliant
  • Health Canada compliant
  • TGA Australia compliant



  • Fayette County Chamber of Commerce
  • Georgia TAG
  • Southeastern Medical Device Association
  • Georgia Clinical Research Association
  • Georgia Bio
  • ADHA Corporate Member