Order EnviroPouch™ Samples

The Enviropouch® Sample Kit Configuration is designed to fit every infection control trial application for range of sizes and colors. At a one-time only 50% off-retail pricing* at just $29.40* to displace > 600 disposables in your own clinical trial. Limited to a Quantity of one (1) sample kit only for college program, healthcare and sciences professionals with responsibility for purchasing decisions. Students may be extended a discount through their college program.


Samples - 50% Off Retail - One-Time Only - Limit 1 Kit

Quantity 1 - 2" X 8"
Individual Instrument (Example Contents - Handpiece) 

Quantity 1 - 4" X 8"
Individual Instrument or "Set-Up" (Example Contents - Ultrasonic Tip) 

Quantity 1 - 6.5" X 10"
Cassette Size - Fits Standard Size Cassette

  • Refer to the "Ordering" page for full description of each Enviropouch® .
  • Enviropouch® ships blue, green and tan colors to show differentiation of the contents or ownership of Enviropouch® by student class, instructor or professional and by instrument types.
  • Grid label of 200 affixed to sample product verifies usage > 200 uses per  Enviropouch®.
  • Permanent marker, infection control autoclave monitor strips and tape not included. You may use your typical on-hand supplies with rare exception**. 


*US$29.40 includes 50% off retail pricing, includes USPS Priority Flat Rate shipment with delivery confirmation and handling from Enviropouch® within 24-48 hrs.


**A few autoclave tape adhesives are either too sticky or not sticky enough with EnviroPouch(TM), however, this is a matter of getting this correct for you. Suppliers are glad to assist. VIP consultation available.