Professional Consultation Services

VIP Professional Customer Services from EnviroPouch®:

Colleges, universities, government and large private or multiple location institutions and dental practices all enjoy this!
VIP Customer Service for you includes a uniquely experienced and trained EnviroPouch® professional consultation for highly personalized customer service to meet your program or practice requirements specifically. This no-charge service includes
  • customized solutions, each one is unique!
  • transition considerations consultation,
  • infection control process improvement,
  • infection control hardware considerations unique to your professional practices and your desired upcoming change considerations,
  • reference contacts,
  • cost analysis and budgeting figures assistance,
  • environmental impact calculation,
  • waste removal cost reduction analysis,
  • EnviroPouch® color differentiation of classes or instructors,
  • optional customized graphic product labels (student ID, class color, EnviroPouch® contents),
  • unique trial product configuration and scheduling
  • Learn how utilization of EnviroPouch® frees up necessary cash and budget reallocation for hardware and personnel investments, by nearly paying for itself annually
  • Learn about the EZ 5-minute set-up for Google Checkout of EnviroPouch® Student Kits, uniquely configured for your student classes and instructors.


Innovation and collaboration with clinical and infection control professionals are our tradition at EnviroPouch®, the heart and soul of infection control®.