EnviroPouch® Reusable Steam Sterilization Pouches

The FDA-registered and accreditation-tested EnviroPouch® brand defines the first and only reusable steam sterilization pouch in infection control world history, by its proven efficacy track record and independent formal clinical and field evaluations. Unlike disposable pouches, EnviroPouch® reusable pouches can be used a minimum 200 times, which reduces purchasing costs, saves storage space, reduces excess waste and waste removal costs, minimizes inventory management and lowers sterilization processing costs.


HELP THE ENVIRONMENT. A 3"x8" EnviroPouch® pouch takes up only 3.5 cubic inches of valuable landfill space. An equivalent box of 200 disposable plastic or paper pouches takes up a minimum of 121 cubic inches.



Our reusable steam sterilization pouches are the superior product and infection control solution to disposable autoclave tubing and bags for the cost-conscious, environmentally friendly user.


  • Reduce waste and costs
  • Improve the environmental impact by over 200X
  • Save valuable time, space and money


EnviroPouch® Rendering
EnviroPouch® reusable steam sterilization pouches come in many sizes.
EnviroPouch™ reusable steam sterilization pouches take up only 3.5 cubic inches of valuable space.

Dentists, doctors, veterinarians, tattoo studios, clean rooms, labs, blood banks and biotech trust and use EnviroPouch® reusable autoclave sterilization pouches.


SUSTAINABILITY driven commitment for over 25 years...Enviropouch!